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Why Bring your International Conference to London?

It may only be a small country, but the UK is not short of decent urban infrastructure. Among them, London truly stands out as not only the nation’s capital, but also its venue and events capital. There are so many reasons why those thinking of organising a conference should have London at the top of their list.

Top Location

First and foremost, London is a global leader for events, conferences, conventions and congresses. As of 2013, London ranks 7th in the world according to the International Congress and Convention Association rankings, rising 12 places from 19th in 2008. The city is certainly well furnished with venues and top-notch facilities. There are more than 2,200 venues in London capable of meeting the needs of any size conference you’d care to put on. That’s more than double the number of anywhere else in the UK.

In recent years, billions of pounds have been poured into London, giving it faster, greener transport, a greater amount and variety of accommodation and many more areas showing tremendous regeneration. This opens up more and more of the city as a potential conference destination, which in turn allows the city to cater to a wider range of budgets.


London also boasts one of the world’s most comprehensive and robust transportation systems – the London Underground. With 11 lines serving 270 stations and containing 250 miles of track, the service allows 1.2 billion people a year to easily and efficiently move about the city. Wherever your conference attendees are coming from or going to next, London provides the perfect infrastructure of subway, buses and taxis to get them from A to B.

UK Tax incentives

Finally, companies well versed in UK tax rules will know that you are often able to claim back VAT (that’s 20% of expenditure) on a wide variety of expenses such as accommodation, venue hire, food/beverage costs, transport and more. What others might not be aware of is that the UK is one of only a handful of countries that will allow non-EU companies to do the same thing! So wherever you are coming from, London is an ideal choice when it comes to considering expenses.

With its seamless fusion of ancient and modern, its array of modern restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues, its huge number of appropriate and state-of-the-art venues, London has to be the premier choice for any conference you might wish to stage.

Top 5 picks

  • The Park Plaza West Minster Bridge
  • The Grosvenor House Hotel
  • Hilton Mayfair
  • The Sheraton Park Lane
  • The Hilton Metropole

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