Why bring your Incentive Travel Group to London?

If you’re offering incentive travel as a company benefit, then you certainly have a job ahead of you picking the perfect incentive travel destination. Having said that, you could always pick the city that has (once again) been awarded the World’s Number One Tourist Destination by the 2014 Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index. Let’s take a look at why London is the perfect place to bring your incentive group:

Easily accessible from anywhere and to anyone
As one of the world’s premier destinations, London is extremely well furnished with excellent transport links (roads, railways, airports, buses, taxis and subway) allowing you to get in and around very easily. However you want to arrive and get around, London has everything. It is also an amazing spectrum of luxury and budget accommodation, giving you the flexibility to reward either your top people with 5-star treatment, or your well-performing people with something a little simpler.

A bona-fide global capital
London is one of only two cities in the world to be ranked as a Alpha ++ Global City (the other is New York). This gives it the unique ability to boast the capacity to cater to virtually any tastes, interests, cultures and ideas. There is literally something for everyone in this vibrant, cosmopolitan capital of fashion, business, commerce, art and virtually everything but the kitchen sink.

A fun-lovers paradise
Between all the shopping, dining, nightlife, theatre and whatnot, you’re probably going to find it hard to find time to breathe! London is a veritable playground for the shop-a-holic, foodie, clubber, thespian, art connoisseur, and history buff. There’s certain to be a lot you can add to your incentive package that will stimulate even the most fastidious employee.

Sight-seeing galore With around 2,000 years of history and heritage, and an incredible fusion of ancient and modern; natural and manmade, London is truly the jewel in our country’s cultural, historical and social crown. Gaze up at Big Ben, marvel at the masterpieces in the Tate Modern, soak up the city’s history with a river cruise…the possibilities are endless.

For these reasons alone, we can see that London is an obvious choice when thinking about where to take your incentive group. There are people the world over who dream of visiting London but who may never get the chance. Give your employees that chance by organizing a fantastic incentive travel experience in London – call 0845 308 8300 to discuss!