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What is a DMC and how can it help you?

DMC – just another acronym in the growing sea of acronyms we face in our everyday lives, right? Wrong! If you are offering incentive travel in your organisation, or arranging special events, tours, conferences etc. then DMC, or Destination Management Company, is an acronym that can help you a great deal. But what exactly is a DMC? And how exactly can one help us?

Simply put, a DMC is a company offering extensive local contacts, expertise, knowledge and experience in things like events, trips, local tours and travel, usually in a particular city/region, but sometimes spanning greater distances. Now, having been through years of great stringency in our global economy, hiring a DMC to help with whatever you need might sound like an extravagance you can’t afford, but in many cases it is actually a necessity that you can’t afford NOT to use.

So, what are their biggest strengths?

1) Purchasing power

Any DMC worth their salt will have connections running through multiple suppliers across a wide range of industries, everything from transport and logistics to entertainment and leisure. This means that they often get preferential rates for you from suppliers who would otherwise charge you top dollar!

2) The “one-stop” factor

These connections sand purchasing power give these DMCs a great “one-stop shop” factor, whereby you get everything you need from them as a single supplier thanks to their vast network of their own suppliers underneath. Without the DMC, you’d be moving from supplier to supplier yourself – that’s a lot of phone calls.

3) Risk cover

Because reputable DMCs are required to carry a greater amount of insurance and perform more rigorous risk analysis, you can be sure that your event, trip or other activity is well covered by their various plans and contingencies. This is one less headache for you to be having.

4) Local knowledge

Typically, a DMC will focus itself on one particular city or region, which means it will have a great deal of intimate and useful knowledge of that area; much more than any mass-produced guidebook or directory would ever have. The local knowledge of each team member in the DMC comes together to become more than the sum of their parts, and you get all the benefits of that knowledge.

5) Professionalism

If you are starting out in events, incentive travel or team trips etc. then it can often be a daunting task. More importantly, while you may be able to cobble together something that’s vaguely a logistical success, it might offer none of the professional look and feel that you want it to. DMCs are in this business for a reason – they know how to do it well! You stick to what you know, and let the DMC stick to what it knows. This way, you get the perfect package you want, and none of the stress involved.