Belgium Grand Prix 2015

The Belgium Grand Prix 2015 – How to get your tickets & an experience of a lifetime

Formula 1 racing is something of an addiction or at least it’s in the blood and sticks! I remember being quite facinated by cars as a child (being a girl that was unusual) and preferred to hang around my dad and brother who were always tinkering with cars and bikes. So I guess that fascination has now turned into a bit of an obsession with cars. Not happy to spend the weekend on retail therapy, I would much rather go for a drive or perhaps very cheekily, test drive the latest sports car at the local dealership.

If there was ever a sport that suited the medium of television then I think Formula 1 would be it. Full of action, strategy and surprising outcomes and I believe the whole atmosphere lends itself to somewhat of a celebration. A bit of champagne, luxury nibblies and a bit of an effort in the fashion department, all makes the Grand Prix a special occasion. Even if it’s only in your living room on the big day.

But what if your burning desire is to actually be at the Belgium Grand Prix?

2015 sees the Belgium Grand Prix with a following similar to that of Silverstone with an iconic circuit, wonderful history and an atmosphere that rivals any of the famous circuits. It’s epic racing in a stunning location at the time of year when many are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere. What a different summer break the Belgium Grand Prix would be. I’m sure all you fellow adrenalin junkies out there would agree.

So with tickets to the Grand Prix in high demand how does one get a great deal to see such a spectacular event?

Why not gather a group of like-minded souls together to take advantage of group deals. Perhaps even suggest it as an incentive travel option for work colleagues or team building event. Travelling as a group makes it much more of a party and special occasion. Plus, working with an incentive travel management company takes the pressure of organising away and firmly in the hands of people who know the destination well. They take care of all the details and ‘issues’ that you may not be aware of, as well as throwing in a few surprises that makes the trip one of those really special ones filled with fond memories that last a lifetime.

There’s a great group leisure tour offered right now with Glow for the 2015 Belgium Grand Prix. Take a look and see what you think.