Magical & Inspirational Destinations For Your Next Corporate Event


The old continent; the cradle of Western civilization, a continent steeped in history and tradition. Despite this, it would be wrong to therefore write Europe off as lacking in state-of-the-art, international business facilities. Europe is jam-packed with fantastic, truly magical destinations that are absolutely perfect for your next conference or corporate event. Here we look at five examples:

London, UK

Consistently ranked at the very top of world business rankings, London is ranked as an Alpha++ Global City (one of only two, the other being New York). The city’s unbelievable infrastructure includes impressive road, rail and airport links, including the world’s largest passenger airport, Heathrow. The city also has countless suitable locations suitable for conferences of all sizes. And the “magic” of London is undeniable, found in its museums, art galleries, high-quality restaurants, pubs and other nightlife. This truly cosmopolitan paradise combines business, economic, cultural and leisure elements to make one of the best choices both in Europe and the World for your next conference.

Paris, France

Another big player in Western culture, the French capital offers high quality of life, stunning architecture, reliable transport links and a hint of romance to make any conference just that little bit more magical. Its business credentials make impressive reading as well — 1,450 hotels offering a total of around 76,000 beds, 15 conference/congress centres hosting 680 international events and congresses annually. Like London, the combination of culture, history, and modern, cutting-edge facilities make it a winning choice for your event.

Frankfurt, Germany

A land of efficiency, business and nice cars — that’s often how people look at Germany. Not much magic there, you might think. Well, you’d be wrong. Frankfurt is sometimes described as a European Manhattan due to its unique skyline dotted with impressive skyscrapers. As the fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt is also a key transport hub, with many international flights transferring through the city. It is also a city of history, culture, performing arts, gardens, nightlife and much more. As with many of its partner cities in Europe, it’s hard to pin Frankfurt as just one thing or the other.

Barcelona, Spain

A real up-and-coming business centre, Barcelona has a lot to offer as a destination for your corporate event. It is well known as a centre of art, history and summertime leisure for foreign tourists (as with much of Spain’s coastline). But Barcelona is also doing a lot to bolster its image as a centre for commerce. Take the Barcelona Convention Bureau, for instance, which in 2013 alone hosted 291 congresses, 138 symposiums and over 1,000 conventions. Another advantage is its highly reliable Mediterranean climate, which offers countless hours of sunshine, beautiful blue skies and an overall brilliant atmosphere to host your event.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When you hear “Amsterdam,” you may automatically conjure up ideas of a party city suitable only for university students on budget youth hostel holidays. There may be an element of truth to that, but it certainly is not the defining nature of this vibrant, historic and genuinely magical city in western Europe. It is picturesque, and village-like in many places, and yet also home to many impressive corporate event locations, many of which are even within just 15km of the main airport. The city also boasts impressive, eco-friendly transport options like the city’s famous tram and bicycles, and high-quality international facilities to suit the needs of businesses of any size.


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