corporate Christmas parties in Bristol

Corporate Christmas Parties in Bristol – Ideas to Inspire!

It’s that time of year again where those graced with the task of organising the corporate Christmas party must get in the festive mood and create an event to inspire staff and management alike. Inventing an occasion that is memorable (for all the right reasons) and is not too heavy on the financial budget, is a balancing act that often only the most accomplished acrobat can achieve.

Yet there is always help at hand in the form of Corporate Event Services that can take the pressure and strain off you and often come up with ingenious ideas that will make your corporate Christmas party one to remember for some time.

Creative Ideas for your Corporate Christmas Party

Festive 80’s Party

Perhaps you’re too young to remember the 80’s but unfortunately I do! At the time I thought the music direĀ but in hindsight it was actually quite fun and whenever I hear Spandeau Ballet or Duran Duran, it brings back some delightful memories. So why not appeal to the 40 andĀ 50 somethings in your company with an informal 80’s disco and dinner.

Masquerade Ball

How about mistletoe and masks for a glamorous Christmas evening. A chance to dress up to the hilt and yet still have an air of mystery. Everyone loves something different and fun, and a masquerade ball will have everyone talking for a long time. Perhaps because they’re just trying to work out who you are with that mask on!

Roaring Twenties

As far as theme nights go, you can’t beat the roaring twenties. Everyone loves the Charleston and dressing up in costume is just great fun. It’s an opportunity to see the creative side of people you work with that are perhaps just that little bit too shy to be flamboyant during work hours. A corporate Christmas party with a twenties theme is a great night to have fun and be that little bit different.

Bristol Christmas Party Venues

There are a wealth of Christmas Party venue options around Brisol. The Bristol Pavillion, Marlows Cellar Bar, Aston Gate Stadium and The Paintworks are just a few. Of course, the city centre hotels but there are many local restaurants that would also love to host your Christmas Party.

Of course these are just a few ideas but if you stretched for time and creativity, then take the pressure off by hiring a corporate Christmas party event company. They have some great ideas, quirky touches that really make the difference and keep everything within budget.

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