5 Ingredients for a Successful Destination Travel Event

There are a lot of choices out there in the world of Destination and Incentive Travel programs. Those that are successful provide their clients with unforgettable, entertaining trips designed to encourage and inspire their clients and their employees/colleagues. But what are the secret ingredients to this success?

1) Local Knowledge

Any Destination Management Company (DCM) worth its salt has to have a veritable treasure trove of local knowledge at its disposal, about whatever destination has been chosen by the client. They need to know about accommodation, cuisine, entertainment, venues for conference and/or business meetings, the best ways to get around town to whatever and wherever people want. A lack of knowledge in any of these areas is a recipe for disappointment.

2) Strong Networks

Just as the DCM needs to know about local venues, sights, hotels etc., they too have to know good, reliable suppliers able to provide whatever equipment, tools, staff, premiums and whatever else might be needed. Goods and services provided need to be top notch in quality and price.

3) Energy/Spirit

If a DCM is going to offer an experience that is both fun and memorable to their clients, then they need to put in as much energy and spirit as possible. You can only get out of something what has been put into it. If enough positivity is put into the project, then the end user is also likely to get more out of it.

4) A Competitive Edge

Any business knows that understanding your own USPs is a key to a successful enterprise. The same applies to destination management – a successful DMC will use its experience, knowledge or extensive contacts to give themselves an edge. They’ll offer something different to the multitudes of other companies out there. They may focus on a small range of destinations, or exploit more resources to cover a wider range. Whatever the USPs are, a good DMC will use them effectively.

5) Personalisation

Nothing is more likely to make a customer feel more valued than the level of personalisation and customisation that is easily available to them. Trying to cram every customer into a single mold will undoubtedly leave many feeling disappointed and critical. A decent DMC will do everything to meet the individual needs of every client.